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ServiceM8 is a cloud-based solution that helps field service organisations manage their jobs, staff and business.

ServiceM8 provides real-time information on what jobs are active, what quotes need to be followed-up and where employees are in the field.

Cloud and Mobile Consulting specialises in expert assistance with full setup, customisation and training packages or we can simply assist you to do it yourself on an ad-hoc support basis.

Cloud and Mobile Consulting guides new clients through the processes of creating job quotes, turning quotes into work orders, managing and despatching field staff, job completions, invoicing and payment collection.

Either way it is as simple. Are you ready to streamline your field service  business ?  Contact us HERE.


By implementing ServiceM8 into your business it will gain the following advanced functionality and benefits:-

Hands-On Field Service Management

● Manage jobs from start to finish.

● Schedule, dispatch, and communicate with field employees in real-time.

● Communicate with clients and provide estimates and invoices from the field.

● Use checklists and task lists to ensure a job is done right the first time.

● Access client and job details from the field, anywhere, anytime.

Smoother Job Scheduling

● Access a daily schedule from anywhere.

● Use simple drag and drop functionality to schedule employees.

● Instantly notify employees of schedule changes with push notifications.


● Access a full history of work done for every client, including notes, photos, emails, and messages, from anywhere.

Better Communication

● Email and message clients directly from the ServiceM8 app.

● Text and email templates provide a consistent and professional message to clients.

Real-time Activity Feed

● Communicate with employees using a live activity feed.

● Notify employees of daily housekeeping items, policy changes, or share best practices.

● Post photos to record job conditions, train staff, or praise good work.

Seamless Accounts Integration

● Automatically integrate with Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks Online.

● Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments to prevent double entry.

Reduce administration overheads.


● Allows ServiceM8 to adapt to current or changed business needs.

Use over twenty add-ons that provide extra functionality without additional software.

● Generate and complete safety documents, inspection reports or compliance certificates.

● Automatically remind clients of upcoming bookings.

● Convert email work orders into jobs.

● Simplify the management of repeat work and contracts.

● Easily collect customer feedback.

Security Backup

● Automatic cloud-based backups on ServiceM8 secure servers.

● Enable field employees to access to all data without internet connectivity.

Data automatically syncs when connectivity is restored.

Business Inprovement

Better Cash Flow

Create invoices in the field, and process credit card payments through the ServiceM8 mobile app with no external devices required.

Improved Professionalism

Inspire confidence in your clients with professional quotes and invoices.

Automatically notify clients you're on-approach to the job.

More Productive

On average businesses using ServiceM8 complete 30% more work in the first 3 months.

Better Client Service

With professional quotes, better communication and faster service, you’ll win even more new work and earn repeat customers.

Ready to streamline your field service  business ?

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